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Why BestBiz Toons?

Video is the wave of the present and future for company branding, customer interest and client acquisition! So, the question is… why should you work with me, Geno Aptaker at BestBiz Toons?

Here are the simple reasons:

  • I do superior work, at a more affordable cost than the typical “explainer” video. I can easily prove this to you.
  • Explainer videos have shown themselves to be successful with company branding, customer interest and client acquisition, and I’m convinced that my style of video is much more interesting & engaging, and I’ll do it at a better price.
  • As a startup, I’m looking to bring some clients on board who will become major fans of my work and my very best source of promotion and advertising.
  • Working from home, without all the major business expenses and salaries, my pricing is better, and for a superior product.

Let’s have some dialogue. With my 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing… zero… zilch… nada to lose.

Company Branding


Your brand speaks clearly about who you are, what you do and how you do it, and video provides major advantages over your competition when it comes to branding.

Does your brand say, “Boring”, “Cookie-cutter” and “Ho-Hum”? Or, does it convey, “Interesting”, “Dynamic” and “Engaging”?

A multi-media presentation allows your clients to relax and basically enjoy your story, and if your story is presented well, your brand is much more likely to be imprinted on the mind of your customer.

Well-done video simply can’t be beaten in the realm of branding your company, especially in light of the fact that most businesses present themselves in a rather bland, boring, cookie-cutter manner.

Customer Interest & Engagement

Let’s face it… video is a “no-brainer” as far as customer interest & engagement are concerned.customer_engagementWhen you draw people in… engaging their eyes, ears & emotions, it will impact them to a far greater degree than run-of-the-mill text, testimonials and still images, even if those images fade in or out or leap off the page. Just about everyone is doing those outdated things.

Tell a story! Use drama and/or humor! Inform & educate!
Be interesting!

The results will show up on your bottom line, and generate short and long-term benefits.

New Client Acquisition

If you were looking for a company to do business with, which one would you choose?

  1.  The one that looks, sounds and engages with you just like the great herd of others saying and doing the same thing? Or,
  2.  The one that’s different? That stands out? That goes out of their way to draw you in and make a real pitch for your trust and business?

I don’t know about you, but I’m drawn to the second option, and data regarding the effectiveness of video bears this out! Well-done video can be a true client magnet.


Is your business an attention-grabbing, dynamic, customer magnet… set apart from the pack?

OR, has it become a house of horrors?

Please contact me, Geno at (865)444-6204 or you can fill out the simple contact form to the right.

I look forward to assessing your needs & working with you.

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